Zardozi embroidery is beautiful metal embroidery, which once used to embellish the attire of the Kings and the royals in India. It was also used to adorn walls of the royal tents, scabbards, wall hangings and the paraphernalia of regal elephants and horses. Zardozi embroidery work involves making elaborate designs, using gold and silver threads. Further adding to the magnificence of the work are the studded pearls and precious stones.
It is a craft of decorating fabric using a needle to apply thread or yarn. It also incorporates other materials such as pearls, beads, sequins, etc…to create beautiful designs on fabric.
A visual art related to writing. It is a design and execution of lettering with a broad tip pen, brush or any other writing instruments like stylus.Calligraphy is an art form that exists in a variety of forms. In effect, it is the art of beautiful handwriting, and there are a number of examples of calligraphy all over the world. Before the printing press was invented and it revolutionized the art of printing, all books were written and produced by hand. At that time, the art of calligraphy flourished and found expression in a variety of forms. The particularly famous ones include the Chinese and Arabic style of calligraphy.
Sculpture, an artistic form in which hard or plastic materials are worked into three-dimensional art objects. The designs may be embodied in freestanding objects, in reliefs on surfaces. An enormous variety of media may be used, including clay, wax, stone, metal, fabric, glass, wood, plaster, rubber, and random “found” objects. Materials may be carved, modeled, molded, cast, wrought, welded, sewn, assembled, or otherwise shaped and combined.