Canvas Painting

Regular Classes and One Month Courses on multiple styles including traditional painting, charcoal free hand, portraits and more.
  • Poster colors
  • water
  • Acrylic
  • Pen and pencil – Start from the basics by learning how to draw lines, curves, shading etc
  • Charcoal – “Charcoal is a crumbly black material that is very versatile to use for texturing, shading and toning. It doesn’t stick to the canvas and allows the artist to create smooth drawings. By applying varying levels of pressure, the artist can create various levels of gradation and by simply rotating their fingers create new strokes”
  • Oil and Dry pastels – “Pastels or crayons come in the form of colored sticks that maybe oil based or dry.”
  • Palette Knife – “This is a technique of applying paint to a surface using a special kind of knife and when dabbed on the surface, stands out to give an embossed effect. The knife can also be used for mixing colors and creating bold strokes that can complement the delicate strokes of a brush”