A visual art related to writing. It is a design and execution of lettering with a broad tip pen, brush or any other writing instruments like stylus.Calligraphy is an art form that exists in a variety of forms. In effect, it is the art of beautiful handwriting, and there are a number of examples of calligraphy all over the world. Before the printing press was invented and it revolutionized the art of printing, all books were written and produced by hand. At that time, the art of calligraphy flourished and found expression in a variety of forms. The particularly famous ones include the Chinese and Arabic style of calligraphy.
This is a technique of applying paint to a surface with blade of a special kind of knife and when dabbed on the surface stands out giving an embossed effect. The knife can also be used for mixing colors generally acrylic or oil colors for application on canvas.

Charcoal is a black crumbly drawing material made of carbon and often used for sketching and under-drawing for paintings, although can also be used to create more finished drawings. It is a form of dry medium made of finely ground organic materials like coal and solid black pigment.The main characteristic of charcoalas a medium is that, unless it is fixed by the application of some form of gum or resin, it is impermanent, easily erased or smudged. This characteristic determined its early use as a means of tracing the outline of a mural -either directly onto the wall ordrawing for transferring a design to a mural)